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Culebra: The (Other) Island Adventure

February 7, 2015 • My Trips, Puerto Rico

They say you make lemonade of out lemons; well that embodies our trip to Culebra. A 6am wake up was rough by vacation standards and when we finally arrived groggy and starving to the ferry terminal, which was over an hour away, we were greeted by a long line for tickets and waited. When the queue in… Read More ›

Hong Kong »

Back to Reality


    I write this sitting on the plane back to New York. I am about 11 hours into a 16 hour flight, giving me ample time to reflect on the last couple weeks. What stands out to me the most is that this trip will forever hold great significance for me, as I felt… Read More ›

South Korea »

A Quick Weekend in Seoul


My stay in South Korea could not have been more different from the one I had in Japan where I would get up early to see historic sites and cram days full of things to do. In Seoul however, I decided I needed a break from that and just wanted to have some fun. This… Read More ›

Japan »

Sayonara Japan


My two weeks in Japan came to a close recently and I thought I would write about the experience as a whole. Japan was my first foray into Asia so I was a bit unsure of what to expect. I had high hopes though both for the culture and the food; my two favorite things to… Read More ›

Argentina »

My Irish Exit


Unfortunately my trip had to be cancelled short due to a family emergency. I want to thank everyone who supported me during my trip and as well as my documentation of it. I have a lot of unfinished business in Argentina and South America so hopefully one day the blog will be restarted. I will… Read More ›