Trials and Tribulations of a Young New Yorker and His Travels

Month: January 2013

The New Crib

So I moved into an apartment earlier this week, finding one was actually quite stressful, but the wait was worth it.  I found a place right in the middle of Palermo, which is the trendy neighborhood here in Buenos Aires. The groundfloor apartment may lack views or sunlight but it definitely has some character to it.  As you can see in… Read More ›

More pictures to come

After having some camera difficulties, it is back up and running.  Remember to click the photo tab so see what I have uploaded so far.

Shake Shack in BA

While wondering through Palermo SoHo I came upon Dean & Dennys, a dead clone of Shake Shack from NYC.  I was very surprised and decided I had to go in and check it out. The inside as well looks exactly like Shake Shack with their signature white font on a green background.  I ordered a… Read More ›

My first day volunteering…

…was absolutely awesome. I found this organization called LIFE Argentina that works with children in low income areas and decided to check it out.  It seemed pretty legit so I told them I would be back to help out the following week. Yesterday I signed up for “juegoteco” in Ciudad Oculta in Buenos Aires.  I… Read More ›


Last night I was invited to my first asado, or barbecue. This asado took place on a rooftop terrace at approximately 11 on a Sunday night.  The asador, or barbecuer was a guy named Feda who is from Argentina, but who has also lived in the states.  As he was cooking I was trying to pick his… Read More ›

MALBA on a rainy day

I woke up today with big things planned with my friends here only to find out there was basically a torrential downpour outside (you don’t realize this immediately when your room has no windows). As a result we decided to head to the MALBA, Buenos Aires’ most renowned art museum. The museum reminded me a lot of the MOMA in… Read More ›

The Room From Hell

After staying at my first hostel for a two nights I decided to move to another hostel.  The place I booked, Palermo House, advertised itself as a much younger and social atmosphere, which is indeed true.  The people here have been great and a lot of fun to hang out with.  One reason it has… Read More ›

Day 2

My second day was not as eventful as the first which I guess is a good thing.  I went with the friends I had made to San Telmo, which is famous for its antique market.  Various leather goods, old silverware and jewelry lined the main street. After walking the streets of San Telmo, we made our… Read More ›

La Primera Noche

After settling into my new hostel, I began to try to make a couple friends.  After hanging around the common area I ended up going to dinner with some guys I had met.  As we made our way through the old streets of Palermo I started to understand why so many people had recommended the area to me…. Read More ›

The Case of the Missing Hostel

Upon landing in Buenos Aires, I walked through the fairly small airport and got to immigration where I spoke a few sentences of Spanish to the man and handed him my passport.  He looked at it and said in a quizzical tone, “Where is your visa?”  I said I do not have one, causing him to look at… Read More ›