Trials and Tribulations of a Young New Yorker and His Travels

My Journey South

As I was riding out to JFK airport and we were crossing the Tri-Borough Bridge, I began to think about what might happen in the next 2-3 months.  I wondering about all sorts of scenarios ranging from me loving it so much and never wanting to return, to me being kidnapped and held for ransom like you see on TV.  Most likely I decided it will be somewhere in between and I will love my time in South America, but I will be ready to come home and return to normal life.

My first flight which was to Mexico City was about as comfortable as you can be; who would have known AeroMexico had mood lighting on their flights.  The highlight might have been right before we landed we were approaching the airport and you could see how bad the traffic was.  One intersection in particular was unbelievable with 20+ cars/buses/trucks all next to each other pointing in different directions with absolutely no one moving.  A four hour layover in Mexico City proved to be pretty inauspicious, very little to do so I read mostly and walked around the terminal.  The strangest part was trying to find some real mexican food.  I ended up settling for Chicken Fajitas at Chilis as it was the most authentic mexican dish I could find.  A couple hundred pesos later I was ready to go on my flight to Argentina.

While my first flight was great, the second could almost not have been worse.  The plane was looked something out the 80s in the original Die Hard movie and I could barely fit into the seat and even took the magazines out of the pocket to give me an extra half inch.  About half way through the flight the pilot came over the speaker saying we will hit turbulence.  Sure enough within 5 minutes I was wondering if we were going to end up in the bottom of the ocean with the way the plane was shaking.   I did not get up for the entire 9.5 hour flight as was forced to watch “Trouble with the Curve” at approximately 2am, a movie that even for someone who loves baseball like myself was pretty intolerable.  Finally I was able to fall asleep for a couple hours and spent the last 2 hours splitting my time between reading and listening to a baby wailing away.  Eventually we landed and the next leg of the trip began, getting into Buenos Aires…

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