Trials and Tribulations of a Young New Yorker and His Travels

La Primera Noche

After settling into my new hostel, I began to try to make a couple friends.  After hanging around the common area I ended up going to dinner with some guys I had met.  As we made our way through the old streets of Palermo I started to understand why so many people had recommended the area to me.  It is made up of many old and unique buildings, built seemingly next to, on top of, around and every other which way possible.  In contrast, the streets are filled with young people looking to enjoy their night out, giving it an energetic atmosphere in a historic setting.

Eventually we got to our destination, one of the parrillas Buenos Aires is famous for.  The five of us decided to split dos parrillas completos and some vino.  The parrilla, pronounced “parrija”, was an eclectic group of meats; sirloin, skirt steak, liver, entrails, chicken and many different sausages including blood sausage piled high on a cast iron tray.  A free-for-all ensued as people began heaping cuts of meat onto the wooden blocks that served as our plates.  All were extremely delicious, except for the entrails which I refused to try, and made me appreciate the Argentinian way of preparing meat.  In typical Argentinian fashion, our dinner was very long and when we finally paid the bill we had spent close to three hours at dinner.

Once we left dinner we walked the streets of Palermo looking for a place to grab a drink.  Unlike American bars, people do not congregate at the bar but rather sit at tables on the sidewalk which was a bit different to see.  I spent most of the night talking to a Italian kid who was only 20 years old and was in Buenos Aires because the ship he worked on was in port.  He told me how the ship sails to the Antarctic and how you have to be careful when you hit icebergs (and I thought I was adventurous by going to Argentina!).

My first night I would say was a great success on many levels. Not only did I have a great dinner and saw the exciting neighborhood I am staying in, but I also met interesting new people.

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