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The Room From Hell

Palermo House Room

After staying at my first hostel for a two nights I decided to move to another hostel.  The place I booked, Palermo House, advertised itself as a much younger and social atmosphere, which is indeed true.  The people here have been great and a lot of fun to hang out with.  One reason it has been great is the mix of people staying here: American, Dutch, French, Welsh, Scottish, Peruvian, Brazilian, Chilean and the list goes on and on.

Palermo House Door

(door to my room)

As always with Buenos Aires, there is something to make the experience difficult; in this case my room. Located in the middle of the hostel it not only has no AC, it gets up to 85-90 degrees right now, but it also has no windows because of its location.  God damn does it get hot in there! I spent two nights in the room and literally felt like I melting and had a fever of 105.

I was able to change rooms however so now I am in a shared dorm, and even though it does not have any windows I do have AC and was able to sleep comfortably last night. Thankfully the situation sorted itself out, but man those two nights really felt like I was in hell.

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  1. Pretty cool stuff magrrooober. Don’t think I’ve seen you write this much since some of those East Asian classes you took

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