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MALBA on a rainy day

Frida Kahlo

I woke up today with big things planned with my friends here only to find out there was basically a torrential downpour outside (you don’t realize this immediately when your room has no windows). As a result we decided to head to the MALBA, Buenos Aires’ most renowned art museum.

Jackson Pollackesque

The museum reminded me a lot of the MOMA in New York with its sleek white walls. Despite being known for its works by Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, I actually found some of the other artists to be more intriguing. There were many modern pieces of art using many mediums such as oil, watercolor, charcoal, film and sculptures. The top floor also housed a special collection by Oscar Munoz which was quite interesting.  Munoz had some very unique pieces such as faces made out of coffee stained sugar cubes as well as another set made from cigarette burns on paper.  What started out as a disappointment turned out to be a great day at the museum.

Sugar Cubes

I have uploaded some photos in the photo section so be sure to check them out!

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