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Last night I was invited to my first asado, or barbecue. This asado took place on a rooftop terrace at approximately 11 on a Sunday night.  The asador, or barbecuer was a guy named Feda who is from Argentina, but who has also lived in the states.  As he was cooking I was trying to pick his brain for information and techniques on how to make the perfect asado.

The food was served in a staggered manner so that when one thing finished cooking it would be served and eaten and after a quick break and some wine the next dish would be served.  The first dish was a roasted red pepper with egg and cheese that was absolutely delicious.  Next came two rounds of sausages; first chorizo and then blood sausage.  After that was chicken, which served as a nice contrast between the sausage and the steak that followed.  The steak, which seemed to be a type of sirloin, was some of the most flavorful steak I have ever had.  Very juicy and with nice marbling, you could really taste the flavors from the wood used in the grill.

As always here, the food was great and very flavorful.  Most of all though it was awesome to take part in a local tradition and experience some true Argentine culture.

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