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Month: February 2013

Puerta Abierta

One of my friends suggested a week ago that I attend a Puerta Abierta with her. Puerta Abierta, which translate to open door, is a dinner party that charges a minimal fee for unlimited food. I lucked out, because this night was sliders. Round after round of sliders was brought out, including beef, beef and… Read More ›

Ultra Buenos Aires

Last week Ultra, the extremely popular music festival that brings thousands of people to Miami every year, came to Buenos Aires and I decided I had to go.  I joined a group, both ex-pats and Argentines, that met up beforehand and went over together.  The festival was highlighted by Avicii who did not disappoint, playing… Read More ›

New photos with the kids

Here are some of my favorites…   More on the photos page.

One Month Later

I can’t believe I have already been here a month. It has been really amazing how things can change so quickly. When I came here all I had was a hostel (that didn’t even exist anymore!) Now, four weeks later I have friends, both Argentine and foreign, an apartment, a place to volunteer and now… Read More ›

Long Lost Brother

Just found this guy walking the streets…nbd

Jardin Japones

Today is a feriado or holiday in Buenos Aires so I figured no better time to do some touristic things as almost everything shuts down here on holidays.  I wandered over to Jardin Japones, the largest Japanese Garden outside of Japan. The garden was interesting and had a unique feel as it is set right in the middle… Read More ›


Sorry I have not been posting more lately.  I got a internship that has been taking up a lot of my time this week. I promise to get up some new stuff soon.

New Photos!

Be sure to check out the photo page, I added some new stuff.


Graffitimundo is the name of the tour that I did yesterday with a friend here in Buenos Aires and as you might have gathered by now is a tour of the street art that the city has to offer. Street art plays a very important role in the culture here in Argentina and can be… Read More ›

Volunteering Part 2

Last Friday when I was volunteering I was able to take some pictures of our group playing with the kids. On that day we were not in Ciudad Oculta, the slum village, but rather a homeless shelter in the southern part of Buenos Aires. The shelter which is more or less a fenced in compound,… Read More ›