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St Art #1

Graffitimundo is the name of the tour that I did yesterday with a friend here in Buenos Aires and as you might have gathered by now is a tour of the street art that the city has to offer. Street art plays a very important role in the culture here in Argentina and can be found throughout the city. One reason for this is it is not illegal to create murals on people walls, and is often even done so with the inhabitants permission and/or assistance. As a result, street art is encouraged and found all over, especially in the Palermo neighborhood that I am living in.

Bus Depot #1

Our group met in the mid-afternoon near Plaza Italia, a large and famous square in Palermo, and set off on bike to see some of Buenos Aires’ unique culture.  It was a gorgeous day out and the trip was very enjoyable as we weaved through the streets and bike lanes. Our tour guide as it turns out is actually friends with many of the artists so it was very interesting to hear her perspective and the history she knew about the movement.


The tour took us through many residential neighborhoods that I would have never been to if not for the tour which was a nice change. The main reason for this is that many of the artists are local and tag their surroundings areas.  One of the cooler parts of the trip was going into one of the workshops and meeting one of the artists. It was interesting to see and felt as if it was taken straight out of Williamsburg in Brooklyn.

EverArtist Workshop

Among some of the other cool things we saw were some artists in the middle of tagging a wall and learning about all the various mediums the artists used. I think the best place we saw was a bus depot in the middle of nowhere that had all its walls, and surrounding walls covered in some really creative and amazing designs.  In summation, I totally recommend this trip to anyone who happens to make it down here, it is definitely worth your time and money.  Here is the link to their website, which is worth a click for anybody to check out: Also below are some more photos of the tour to check out.

St Art #3St Art #4Bus Depot St Art #6St. Art #7

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