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Hello from Japan! This is the first leg of a trip I will be making through Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong.


I arrived a couple days ago in Tokyo and I’m still getting acclimated in many ways. Time difference, food, cultural norms take getting used to, but the most difficult by far has been the language. My Japanese, which consists of 3 words right now, is extremely challenging to overcome. I have realized how comfortable I am with Spanish being able to figure out almost any situation, whereas here I have no idea how to ask a question let alone understand the response.

Tokyo has been a great place to start though, as many people can speak English and the family I have been staying with is amazing and so helpful. The city is teeming with people, shops, history and culture and has been a blast to explore so far.

I will keep the posts coming, sayonara for now.


Asakusa Temple


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  1. Hope you have an excellent trip, John! I’m sure you’ll have lots of great experiences to write about. Don’t forget about Google Translator; they can help out with your Japanese!

  2. Hi John:

    Maybe you can start a tour company in your next life… you will certainly be well traveled. Hope you pick up some Japanese words quickly and let us know how it goes.

    Saikō no kōun

    Aunt Nancy

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