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A Quick Weekend in Seoul


My stay in South Korea could not have been more different from the one I had in Japan where I would get up early to see historic sites and cram days full of things to do. In Seoul however, I decided I needed a break from that and just wanted to have some fun.

This wish was made possible by another de facto tour guide who again came through in the clutch. I was connected through a friend to a girl who hails from New Jersey (I managed to overlook this fact) and is now teaching English in Seoul. While we had never met, she had graciously offered to tour me around the city and show me a good time.

To her credit she did not disappoint. Her first advice was to book a hostel in Hongdae which is a lively district right next to a large university: imagine something like the area around NYU. I later met up for dinner with her and a group of her friends for an infamous Korean BBQ dinner and the rest was history.

Over the next two days the same group continuously met to explore the city both during the day and into the wee hours of the night. While I maybe did only a couple hours of sightseeing, the hours spent wandering around the city and trying local fare gave me a good impression of what life in Seoul is like for an expat. I have to say there was definitely no shortage of fun to be had.

While I failed to see many of the top attractions on Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor, I still managed to have a action packed weekend that was tons of fun and left me wanting more!

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  1. Being squired around Seoul by a group of Korean friends for a weekend? An experience few will ever have. Good work!

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