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First Impressions of Hong Kong


Hong Kong at night

Hong Kong is a busy city. While Tokyo and Seoul are larger than Hong Kong, they have a sense of controlled madness that is missing here.

Finding my hostel was a bit of an ordeal wandering around the streets looking for a building. It ended up being a small doorway with no mention of the hostel on the outside or the inside . I finally realized it was on the 14th floor and took the dingy elevator up. After dropping my stuff and settling down for a bit I decided to take a stroll around the Kowloon area.


Kowloon Area

Kowloon is a bustling district that has a Times Square feel to it with all the neon lights and people running around. Packed with businesses to the top floors of buildings, I saw all sorts of stores ranging from Lacoste and Nike to stores selling Chinese herbal medicine.

After my stroll I wandered back to my hostel where I soon learned that my computer had been stolen. Not a great first impression Hong Kong! Let’s see if you can redeem yourself.

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