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Macau: The Vegas of the East?…Not So Much

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral

I have to admit that I enjoy gambling, probably a little to much, so it was only natural that I took the hour ferry ride and check out Macau. While Macau is famous for its casinos and gambling, it actually is a city full of history and quite interesting to visit. A Portuguese colony for nearly four centuries, Macau has a rich heritage that has resulted in a hybrid culture. This fusion of Western and Asia influence is present throughout the island, but most prominently featured in the architecture, food and language.

View from Macau

View from Macau


Despite being a city rich with history, I can’t lie that I was excited to gamble. Macau offers no shortage of casinos and I wandered through numerous ones before finding my luck on the blackjack table. A couple hours and many hands later, I found my way to the MGM Grand where I tried my hand at craps and also came out pretty successful.

While some may compare Macau to Las Vegas, I have to say I find it very different with the most obvious difference being the way people gamble. First off, at least 90% of people play Baccarat, a major difference from the Blackjack, Roulette and Craps dominated scene in the States. What also was different was the energy in the casinos; even the large ones I visited in Macau had this almost eerie quiet feeling aside from the occasional yell from a Baccarat table. Lastly what I found most annoying was that people bet in a very strange way. I still cannot understand why when playing blackjack multiple people would sit in an open spot next to me and place their chips next to mine to play my hand, which I began to angrily refuse after it kept happening. But hey, I left on top so I can’t complain.

You know what they say: “You win some, you lose some.” I guess that new computer won’t cost as much in the end now.


Entrance way at the MGM Grand

Entrance way at the MGM Grand


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